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The Tshirt Goat DBA, Cashmere and Coal Apparel, INC. (TTG)  is committed to supporting meaningful industry-wide safety improvements, and to ensuring the welfare of our employees and our vendors around the world.

As part of TTG's ongoing effort to make safety improvements in the factories it works with in Bangladesh, our company joined Nirapon, a Bangladesh-managed organization tasked with overseeing the ongoing safety, training and helpline efforts of the factories from which our members source.

Founded in 2019, Nirapon built upon the work of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, supported by 33 brands and serving over 600 factories. Nirapon will continue its focus on safety while shifting to a more streamlined organizational structure based in North America. The restructure is effective May 31, 2020. Nirapon is committed to helping its members’ sourcing factories create a sustainable culture of safety. We have made tremendous progress, and as we look to the future, we will have more impact with this new organizational structure by streamlining safety oversight, partnering with well-respected training providers, and maintaining our effective helpline. With the restructure, the organization will shift to provide increased technical support with three main areas of focus:

• Safety Monitoring: As a consortium of 33 brands and retailers working to promote a culture of safety in more than 600 apparel factories, safety monitoring will continue and improve with the third-party monitoring firm, Elevate. Safety monitoring will continue to focus on structural, electrical, and fire safety. Factories are required to submit a safety management and maintenance report in 90 days interval to ensure an effective safety management system is in place. In addition, Safety Support Visits (SSV) will be conducted as a quality assurance measure of the 90-day report and serve as an independent assessment of safety management systems to help the factories continue to develop these systems in an effective and sustainable way. If there are any technical changes within a factory, including expansions or extensions, a Technical Support Visit will be completed to ensure changes adhere to relevant safety regulations and legislation.

• Training: In December 2020, Nirapon announced that BRAC USA/BRAC Bangladesh has been selected as Independent Service Provider to facilitate the Nirapon Training Curriculum with a focus on safety awareness and effective safety management for CAP closed factories. Support will be provided directly to factory-based trainers through e-Learning to enhance the learning experience and ability to provide up-to-date safety program to factories. This curriculum includes Fire Safety training for all workers, Helpline Training for Worker Safety Committees, safety training for Security Guards.

• Helpline: The “Amader Kotha” helpline, a model for worker reporting not only in Bangladesh, but around the world, will continue to operate and provide workers with a safe and anonymous outlet for reporting issues.

Our vendor partners are committed to sustaining best practices, with ongoing guidance from leading brands, as well as third-party auditing firms, and are now in partnership with Nirapon.

To learn more about Nirapon, visit


Ensuring workers receive wages that conform with minimum wages prescribed by local law is a priority to TTG.. As a first step to understand how workers’ take-home wages in Bangladesh compared to legal minimum wage requirements, TTG, factories and a 3rd party monitoring firm piloted a wage analysis exercise in 2019.


The analysis was performed through a desktop payroll review of the same 50 workers from July to December 2019. The purpose of the review was to:


• Confirm minimum wage is guaranteed and overtime rate meet legal standards;

• Determine the average percentage workers are being paid above the legal minimum wage (excluding overtime); and

• Verify legally mandated benefits and severance are guaranteed

As a result of the review, it was determined that nearly 70% of workers received take-home wages above the legally required minimum. The remaining 30% of workers were paid the legally required minimum wage.



ALL products by "The Tshirt Goat"; Cashmere+Coal® Apparel are USA Sized and will always be true to size. Our Tshirt's that are Unisex sizing tend to be on the "baggier" side but longer than a regular cheap our Women's Tee's and Tank's tend to be on the more slimmer fitted side.

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